Bloodgood japanese maples

What ever you may think, having plants around you can make a difference in your life. Doesn’t everyone love Japanese maples? And with their elegant shape and gorgeous, and seasonally changing, colors, who wouldn’t? Red, orange, yellow, the leaves stand out in the Fall… 

The Bloodgood cultivar of the Japanese Maple (acer palmatum atropurpureum) is an attractive tree, known for its color, personality and hardiness. The purplish to red of this cultivar shades to green in late summer and bright red for fall color - the tree holds its color all summer. It is a deciduous tree that presents an attractive silhouette in the winter.

Our Bloodgood Red Japanese Maple cultivar specimens are just beautiful.

Plant it in a protected location outdoors - it will do well in a container. Shelter the tree from both the drying winds and the direct sun - the sun can scald the leaves. Although it is a slow grower, it can still, left to itself, grow to 15 or 20 feet, so be careful with placement - in a pot, keep it trimmed. Partial shade and moist soil may be best for this one, especially for a potted Bloodgood. Hardy down to 20 degrees F, but we suggest bringing any potted trees indoors when the weather turns cold. The early spring frosts can nip the early spring leaf of the bloodgood Japanese maple.
The trunks are slim and graceful and show well when they are backlit. Landscaping decisions are easy with this beautiful specimen. You can use it in a border; on a deck or patio; as a bonsai (for the adventurous) or as a specimen planting (either alone or in a grouping).

Basic care -

Hardiness zones 5-8
Containers need a well drained soil mix. But not much care. Like most plants, soggy soil is a no-no, but don’t let these cuties go dry - they need consistent moisture to prosper. And don’t over fertilize; especially the variegated cultivars. Be very careful when pruning. In winter, take a few cuts and then wait til the season shows you what to do next - you want to focus attention on the natural structure of the branches. Be patient.

Milewide Nursery has one year old/$12.95 to five year old/$125.00 bloodgood red japanese maple specimens for sale. Buy small to save money or invest a little more for a larger plant that is ready to take off in your garden landscape.

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